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Septic system Installation
Looking to install a new septic system? JDW Construction can help. With over 40 years of combined experience, our company can handle septic tank installation of any size and make sure it lasts for years. No matter what type of property you own - residential, commercial, or new construction site - we have you covered. For your peace of mind, all of our septic tank installations come with a 2-year warranty. 
A septic system will serve a home for a long time if it is properly located, designed, constructed and maintained. However, even the best designed and installed septic system will eventually fail without periodic maintenance. In order to be in compliance with the Department of Health and Hospitals, Louisiana State Sanitary Code states that homeowners are to have their system serviced every SIX months by a licensed maintenance provider. We offer One Year Maintenance Contracts to our customers, which is a routine inspection of your system every 6 months within that year. Our team has the advanced tools and knowledge required to carry out septic system repair and maintenance work. From routine maintenance to inspections, we have you covered.
A septic system, like any other piece of equipment, lasts longer and will function better with regular maintenance. It is highly recommended that your tank be pumped every 3-5 years to remove accumulated sludge and scum. Otherwise, after time it can cause your drain field lines to clog causing drain field failure that can lead to costly repairs. Call us today to schedule your next pump-out!
As a wastewater service provider in Louisiana, you must have an endorsement from a licensed manufacturer for the brand of system in which you are installing and maintaining. Our company is endorsed by multiple manufacturers and is licensed for installation and maintenance of the following systems:
Aqua Aire
Aqua Safe
Cajun Aire Advanced
Solar Air
Basic License: #30726
Combination License: #642
Maintenance License: #31404
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